SURGERY - We are proud of our single purpose, well equipped surgery room.  During anesthesia, patients are monitored with a cardiac monitor and pulse oximeter.  We offer both isoflurane and sevoflurane for anesthesia.

DENTISTRY - Clean teeth are much more than just a matter of cosmetic appearance.  The build-up of tartar, subsequent gum disease, and finally tooth loss, affects not just your pet's immediate dental hygiene, but also has a long-term impact on the health of their kidneys, heart, liver, nervous system and other major organ systems.  Showers of bacteria from the infected gums are spread by the blood daily, causing infection and premature aging of these areas.  Dental disease shortens your pet's life!

We clean and polish your pet's teeth under general anesthesia, and can apply Oravet® to seal the teeth and delay future tartar formation. 

Check your pet's teeth and call for an appointment if you see excessive tartar.


IN HOUSE LAB - Many times the ability to rapidly run blood chemistries can make a difference in getting a quick diagnosis and starting treatment. 

We are proud to offer a wide variety of blood tests on our state-of-the-art Abaxis Vet Scan.  The ability to get answers quickly lets you better understand your pet's problem and then to make appropriate decisions regarding treatment.


X-RAYS, ULTRASOUND - Excellent quality x-rays are taken and processed quickly on our powerful x-ray machine and automatic processor. 

If ultrasound or ECHO is needed, we arrange for that to be done in our hospital by Dr. Anne Elise Napier, with Ultrasound Solutions, a very qualified veterinarian with a special interest in ultrasound. 



BOARDING - We offer limited boarding geared especially to patients with ongoing medical problems requiring careful observation and medication while away from home.   

MICROCHIPPING - Tags can come off but a microchip stays with your pet forever. 

For permanent and unique identification, have your pet microchipped with the Home Again® microchip.  Shelters, pounds and veterinary hospitals across the country scan lost pets and reunite them quickly with their owners when they are chipped.


BATHING AND GROOMING - During the warm weather, long hair can hide fleas and ticks, and be difficult to keep clean and free of mats.  Our "comfort clips" are very short and allow your dog to enjoy the summer without a worry.  We also clip or comb-out cats with big tangles!   And, of course, routine bathing and flea treatments can be scheduled Monday through Friday.


This page last updated 10/02/2011


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