One of the tools most vets use as an aid for diagnosis is the x-ray. 

It's a simple and safe way to "look inside the body" without the risk of surgery and anesthesia. 

We'll show here some normal x-rays and then some abnormal films to test your skills in spotting a problem.


Click the thumbnails to see larger, clearer pictures.




Fractures.  This paw has 2 broken bones "metatarsal bones" seen on the left side.  The next toe is dislocated. 

Bone cancer.  The end of the larger bone of this dog's forearm, the radius,  has a large bone tumor, an osteosarcoma. The tumor has destroyed the normal bone.

Hip dysplasia. This progressive arthritic condition causes a painful deformity of one or both hip joints.

Pregnancy.  This mama is carrying a single puppy.  The arrow points towards the head and you can see the rest of the puppy's skeleton to the left - the spine and legs.

Bladder stones.  The cluster of rounded, smooth white objects in the lower abdomen are large stones that formed in this dog's urinary bladder.  

Lung cancer.  The white spots seen in lungs are hundred of small tumors. This close-up shows the upper right corner of the abnormal film.






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